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Q: Soetkin used to work as an Occupational Therapist in Australia and Belgium. Does she still work as an OT there?

A: Soetkin consciously decided after long and careful consideration, that from 01/12/2022, she no longer wished to be registered and associated with AHPRA in Australia. This means that Soetkin now no longer is allowed to use the protected (by AHPRA) title of OT/Occupational Therapist in Australia.

In Belgium, Soetkin remains registered as an OT/Occupational Therapist and able to work as an OT.


From 01/12/2022 onwards, Soetkin's professional title - for general use - is "Connection and Rewilding Coach" and she will be using this title for ALL the services she offers to clients.

You can find an overview of the services she currently offers here.


Q: Soetkin used to work with clients with NDIS funding in Australia. Can she still see NDIS clients?

A: As a trained & skilled professional with almost 25 years of experience in the field, Soetkin continues to carry her prior knowledge, skills and ability for application of evidence-based approaches with her, whichever life path she decides to follow.


If the individual clients' NDIS plan allows for Soetkin to work with them, she CAN work with them - if the client chooses to do so and feels that Soetkin can be considered to be an appropriate professional to deliver Disability-Related Supports for them, in the form of therapy, training or assessments.


Soetkin will invoice for her offerings under the heading "Core Supports - Therapy Other" at the recommended NDIS rate. Refer to the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2022-23 Version 1.1 (published 1/10/2022).


Q: Can Soetkin still offer Medicare Rebates for clients?

A: Seeing that Soetkin is no longer registered with AHPRA and therefore is no longer considered to be a registered health professional, she is no longer able to offer Medicare Rebates for clients.


Q: Isn't "Occupational Therapist" in Australia a protected title that only AHPRA registered health professionals are allowed to use?

A: Yes. That is correct. In Australia, only AHPRA registered professional are allowed to use the AHPRA protected title of certain health professions, of which "Occupational Therapist" is one.

Soetkin no longer is registered with AHPRA and no longer uses the professional title of "Occupational Therapist" but now offers services under the professional title of "Connection & Rewilding Coach".


Q: But some people continue to refer to Soetkin as an OT / Occupational Therapist - why is that?

A: Referring to this information which outlines reasoning of the journey behind the change in Soetkin's professional title and registration status, and referring to this information which explains how Soetkin offers Occupational Interventions, some people choose (!) to still refer to Soetkin as an OT / Occupational Therapist. This is likely linked to the fact that this is the title she earned via her Uni degree and this is the area of her almost 25 years of professional work and study experience. Soetkin however consciously only uses the title of "Connection & Rewilding Coach" when working with clients since 1st of December 2022. This is also the professional title that she uses on this website in reference to the work that she does, the title she uses on her professional social media outlets and in all official documents relating to her client relationships and service agreements.

If people or service providers continue to refer to Soetkin as an Occupational Therapist, Soetkin has in no way shape or form control over the terminology that third parties use in relation to how they refer to her as a professional and has taken all measures possible to explain to them what her current professional title and content of her work is.

Soetkin hereby waives and releases all liability that may come as a result of third parties continuing to use the AHPRA protected title of "Occupational Therapist" in reference to her as a professional and to the work that she does.

Q: Which professional registrations does Soetkin currently hold?

A: Soetkin currently holds a professional registration as an Occupational Therapist in Belgium. Soetkin also currently holds a membership (membership number: 2023382) with - which is the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association, while she is completing her Health and Wellness Coaching Certification for Allied Health Professionals with Wellness Coaching Australia ( as she is dedicated to continuously gain more knowledge and skills to assist her clients in need. This training will be completed this year. Soetkin is also currently exploring whether a membership of Developmental Educators Australia Incorporated ( would be of benefit to her and her clients in the near future. DEAI area a member of NASRHP | National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professionals. Finally - Soetkin is also exploring / contemplating becoming an accredited trainer for future Connection & Rewilding Coaches worldwide through membership of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists ( and is exploring which pathways can guide her further down this area of expertise. Soetkin will continue to update this section as the direction in which she is headed shifts and changes.

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